Molecular hydrogen and sperm viability

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The effect of molecular hydrogen during cryopreservation on the ultrastructures of bovine sperm cells has been studied. The study was performed on the sperm production of black-and-white Holstein bulls. The sperm was diluted with a sterile BioXcell medium (France). To study the effect of molecular hydrogen on the sperm cells of bulls, “BioXcell” diluted with hydrogen water was used. Native sperm diluted with the «BioXcell» diluent, sperm after deep freezing and sperm after deep freezing, pretreated with molecular hydrogen, were studied. The study of morphological parameters of spermatozoa after cryopreservation showed an increase in cells with an anomaly in the structure of the head, chromatin is insufficiently condensed, the content of spermatozoa with an altered position of the acrosome is increased, the ultrastructure of the axoneme is changed, irregular laying of mitochondria is noted. The use of molecular hydrogen as a cryoprotector contributed to an increase in the number of spermatozoa with intact heads having normal acrosomes, shape and chromatin of the nucleus. The results obtained indicate a positive effect of molecular hydrogen on morphological parameters of bovine sperm cells.

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Ivashchenko MN, Deryuginа AV, Latushko MI, et al. The effects of cryopreservation and molecular hydrogen on the ultrastructure of bull spermatozoa. Vest Russ Agricult Sci. 2024;(3):81-84.