Hydrogen Medicine Initiative

Although many studies confirmed various benefits of molecular hydrogen in biomedicine, still many issues remain up in the air. The molecular target of hydrogen, optimal dosage and duration of H2 treatment, and its long-term safety and effectiveness in clinical environment are among central questions yet to be addressed. Having this in mind, we established the Hydrogen Medicine Initative, a research program aimed to investigate different medicinal properties of this innovative bioactive gas, including its promising therapeutic potential for the treatment of a variety of conditions. With your one time or monthly contribution, you are making an impact on the Hydrogen Medicine Initative mission and thus becoming a part of our team to advance H2 as a recognized and approved medicinal agent. Center is a non-profit entity, equivalent to US 501(c)(3), and therefore a donation is tax deductible.

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Thus far, our work has been supported by different patrons – from the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development; the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research; to many industrial grantors and companies, from the US, Canada or Japan, to individual donators.
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Open Studies in 2020 - 2023

Here, we enlist the updates and summaries of current studies planned through Hydrogen Medicine Initiative, informing our current and future benefactors and grantors. Support us and follow HMI briefs and events!

Several studies confirmed beneficial effects of molecular hydrogen in brain disorders, yet no studies so far evaluated its potency after mild traumatic brain injury, such as sports concussion. Here, we plan to investigate the impact of sublingual hydrogen on cognitive function in athletes who suffered sport-related concussion.


Molecular Hydrogen Studies

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