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Hydrogen-rich saline ameliorates lung injury and puncture-induced sepsis

In Animal studies, Inflammation, Lung by CHESS

Although hydrogen has been proved to be a novel therapeutic medical gas in several lung injury animal models, to our knowledge, it has not been tested yet in acute lung injury (ALI) induced by cecal ligation and puncture (CLP). This study was to investigate the hypothesis that hydrogen could ameliorate CLP-induced lung injury in rats. Our experiments exhibited that gas …

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Ghrelin-mediated benefits and risks of hydrogen

In Review papers by CHESS

Molecular hydrogen (H2) can scavenge hydroxyl radical and diminish the toxicity of peroxynitrite; hence, it has interesting potential for antioxidant protection. Recently, a number of studies have explored the utility of inhaled hydrogen gas, or of hydrogen-saturated water, administered parenterally or orally, in rodent models of pathology and in clinical trials, oftentimes with very positive outcomes. The efficacy of orally …

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Hydrogen inhalation ameliorated mast cell-mediated brain injury

In Animal studies, Nervous system by CHESS

Hydrogen inhalation was neuroprotective in several brain injury models. Its mechanisms are believed to be related to antioxidative stress. Authors investigated the potential neurovascular protective effect of hydrogen inhalation especially effect on mast cell activation in a mouse model of intracerebral hemorrhage in controlled in vivo laboratory study in one hundred seventy-one 8-week-old male CD-1 mice. Collagenase-induced intracerebral hemorrhage model …