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Hydrogen-rich saline ameliorates renal injury

In Animal studies, Kidney by CHESS

Hydrogen has been demonstrated to have effective protection against tissue injuries caused by oxidative stress, inflammation, and apoptosis. This study investigated the efficacy of hydrogen-rich saline (HS) on the prevention of renal injury induced by unilateral ureteric obstruction (UUO) in rats. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided randomly into 4 groups: sham group, UUO group, UUO+saline group, and UUO+HS group. UUO …

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Hydrogen reduces airway remodeling in asthma

In Animal studies, Lung by CHESS

Recent studies suggest that hydrogen has great therapeutic and prophylactic potential against organ injury caused by oxidative stress and inflammation. Here authors investigated the effect of hydrogen-rich saline on airway inflammation and remodeling in a murine model of asthma. Asthma was induced by ovalbumin (OVA) sensitization and challenge. Then mice were treated with normal saline or hydrogen-rich saline at low …

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Protective effects of hydrogen on skin injury

In Animal studies, Other studies by CHESS

Skin damage induced by ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) is a multifactorial process that often occurs in plastic surgery. The mechanisms of I/R injury include hypoxia, inflammation, and oxidative damage. Hydrogen gas has been reported to alleviate cerebral I/R injury by acting as a free radical scavenger. Here, authors assessed the protective effect of hydrogen-rich saline (HRS) on skin flap I/R injury. Abdominal …

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Neuroprotective effect of hydrogen-rich saline

In Animal studies, Nervous system by CHESS

In this study, acute CO poisoning was induced in Sprague-Dawley rats by exposing them to 1000 ppm CO in air for 40 min and then 3000 ppm CO for another 20 min until they lost consciousness. Hydrogen-rich saline (10 mL/kg) or normal saline (NS) (10 mL/kg, peritoneally) was administered immediately and again at 8 h and 16 h after CO insult. More Nissl-stained cells were observed in CO …