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Hydrogen-rich saline attenuates vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and neointimal hyperplasia

In Animal studies, Cardiovascular by CHESS

Hydrogen-rich saline has been reported to prevent neointimal hyperplasia induced by carotid balloon injury. The purpose of the present study was to further investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying this phenomenon. Daily injection of a hydrogen-rich saline solution (HRSS) in rats was employed to study the effect of hydrogen on balloon injury-induced neointimal hyperplasia and the neointima/media ratio was assessed. HRSS …

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Hydrogen prevents neurovascular dysfunction

In Animal studies, Nervous system by CHESS

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is characterized by increased oxidative and nitrosative stress, both of which lead to neurotoxicity and vascular permeability. Previous studies on a variety of organs indicate that hydrogen-rich saline not only has considerable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but also suppresses oxidative stress-induced injury. In the present study, authors assessed the effects of hydrogen-rich saline on neurovascular dysfunction and …

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Protective effects of hydrogen-rich saline against erectile dysfunction

In Animal studies, Other studies by CHESS

Hydrogen has antioxidative stress and anti-inflammatory effects. Authors investigated the effect of hydrogen on erectile dysfunction in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Diabetes was induced in Sprague-Dawley┬« rats by a single intravenous injection of streptozotocin. Diabetic rats were then randomized to a diabetes mellitus group and to a diabetic group that received hydrogen saline. The latter 8 rats were fed saturated …