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Molecular hydrogen inhalation in acute cerebral ischemia patients

In Human studies, Nervous system by CHESS

In animal experiments, use of molecular hydrogen (H2) has been regarded as quite safe and effective, showing benefits in multiple pathological conditions such as ischemia-reperfusion injury of the brain, heart, kidney and transplanted tissues, traumatic and surgical injury of the brain and spinal cord, inflammation of intestine and lung , degenerative striatonigral tissue and also in many other situations. However, …

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Molecular hydrogen regulates the expression of anti-inflammatory proteins in retinal microglia cells

In In vitro studies by CHESS

This study explored the potential mechanism of molecular hydrogen in the regulation of miRNA expression and signal-modulating activities. Retinal microglia cells were activated by Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and then treated with hydrogen-saturated medium or normal medium without hydrogen. qRT-PCR was used to detect the expression difference in miR-9, miR-21 and miR-199 between these two groups. Moreover, the expression of LPS-induced signaling …